No skinny models for Madrid and Milan

Madrid’s fashion week has made a unprecedented move, to ban overskinny models that have BMI below 18 to participate in the fashion show.

Edinburg fashion show is said to be following Madrid’s move, while the mayor of Milan has also voiced thier consideration for taking the same footstep.

I see this as a positive move from these fashion show organizers, I’m kinda tired to see the trend of overskinny among celebrities and public society.

Some women and girls are getting the wrong message to be over obsessed with keeping a low weight to the state of unhealthiness.

Fashion supermodels are partly responsible for potraying the skinny image, it’s good to see Madrid etc to appreaciate more healthy beauty instead of following the trend.. now that’s call trend setter.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is not a 100% accurate index, but it does give a general reference to the healthy weight based on the weight and health ratio.

Normally a healthy weight is refer to a BMI of 18-25.


  1. […] Other countries have also started to address what they see as the dangerous link between high fashion glamour and an unhealthy image of women. Madrid fashion week for example, made a bold move in September 2006 by banning overthin models on catwalk. “Everybody knows the standard for models is to be thin,” Bundchen said. “But you can’t generalize and say that all models are anorexic.” […]