China artists going back to universities

China actress and singer, Vicki Zhao WeiChina artists are setting a trend to further their studies in universities.

Superstar Vicki Zhao (pic) has just started her studies of Master degree in Beijing, rising star Crystal Liu will be studying in Stanford in USA soon.

There are a few dozens other artist that go back to studies, and most of them are not doing this when their fame are fading, the stars are doing it when their entertainment career are still at the peak.

The China people seem still hold strongly to their culture, perhaps following the study of Confucious that highly valued the importance of education.

The biggest impact of new celebrity student so far must be Vicki Zhao, who’s one of China’s top 5 actress. Vicki is studying MFA at Beijing Film Academy.

Other high profile ‘back to school’ artist include actress Liu Zi and singer Ye Pei.