Korean star Kim Tae-heeActress Kim Tae-hee become Korea’s highest paid comestic product ambassador after signing a 5-year contract with HERA in August.

The contract is worth 5billion Korean Won (~USD5million) and it’s a rare occassion for a company to sign a product ambassador for such a long term deal.

Kim Tae-hee will be endorsing for HERA’s comestic line, Amore Pacific. She previously was the ambassador for HERA’s competitor, LG’s Ohui brand.

Some Korea press see the signing of Kim Tae-hee as a revenge from HERA, who saw their former ambassador Lee Young-ae being lured to LG with a similar high paying contract.

In the end it’s the celebrities that benefit the most, the USD1million a year seems low in Western perspective, but in Asia that’s quite enormous.

The Korean consumers are not entirely happy about this though, some believe that the cost of the huge contract will in the end be burden on the end consumers.

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