Baby Suri Cruise debut for Vanity Fair

Suri, the baby daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has finally show her face in public, featuring on Vanity Fair magazine’s October issue. [Vanity Fair website]

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and baby Suri on Vanity Fair

The issue will hit the newsstands on September 12, but the photo on the magazine cover was earlier shown on CBS Evening News by their new anchor Katie Couric.

Vanity Fair said that the photos were taken for free, unlike the case of Shiloh Nouvel, the baby boy of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Suri is quite a lovely baby I must say. It’s funny though, since the release of the photos there has been debates online that the baby looks like an Asian or Native Indians, but not like Cruise or Holmes.


  1. […] Tom and Katie were engaged in June 2005 in Paris. Katie gave birth to their baby daughter, Suri in April 2006. The family appeared on the Vanity Fair magazine cover in September. […]