Taiwan artist Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan Profile Name: Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan (Xu Ruo Xuan) Chinese name: 徐若瑄 Japanese name: ビビアン・スー Birth name: Hsu Shu Juan 徐淑娟 Birth date: March 19, 1975 Birthplace: Taichung, Taiwan Height: 161cm Blood type: A Profession: Actress, model and singer [Join Asia Entertainment Forum for more Vivian Hsu discussions] Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan Biography Hsu Shu Juan started her entertainment career after she won a talent contest in 1990, and became a member of a female trio "Shao Nu Dui" (少女队 - which means Girls Team in Chinese). The group released their debut album in 1991, followed by another in 1992, but didn't achieve much success and was disbanded. Hsu Shu Juan then went into modeling and made her acting debut in 1994 with Taiwan movie "Shaolin Kid." Her breakthrough came in 1995, when she changed her name to Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan and produced a nude book "Angel Heart." Vivian also starred in 2 Taiwan movies "Evil Angel" and "Angel Hearts" with seducing and naked scenes. Vivian Hsu produced another 2 nude books "Venus" and "Devil Angel" in 1996 before giving up on exposing herself for fame. By then she's already one of Taiwan most sort after star and was getting famous in Japan. Riding on her popularity, Vivian went back to singing. She released her first solo single in August 1995 in Taiwan, and later on released a single in Japan as well. Vivian released her first album, "Angel Dreaming" in April 1996, and surprisingly released a Korean version of the album "Cheonsa Misonyeo" in October after learning Korean for just a week or two. That's Vivian's only stunt in Korean though, she was getting more popular in Japan and spent more time expanding her career in Tokyo than her homeland Taiwan. During 2001/2002, Vivian appeared in Japan variety shows program, formed Japanese bands and was pretty well received by Japanese fans. She also played as voice actress for a few popular Japanese anime series. In 2003 Vivian started shifting back to Taiwan. Although famous, Vivian never actually achieved huge success in terms of albums sales and movies box office. Other than her nude production, Vivian's only movie hit was "Accidental Spy" in 2001, but most credits were given to action superstar Jackie Chan instead. Little known though, Vivian was quite talented in lyrics writing, where she wrote some nice lyrics for herself and other singers. Vivian's most noticeable lyric was for her buddy Jay Chou's debut album; Jay is now one of Taiwan most influential singer. Vivian Hsu is still busy with her entertainment career at both Taiwan and Japan currently, and has released her latest Chinese album "Vivi and…" in mid September 2006. Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan Related Websites Official Site (Chinese) Offical Blog (Chinese) Why I like Vivian Hsu Jo Hsuan Vivian Hsu is cute and hot. Ok she's not as cute as she used to be, she's already 31 anyway... but still one of Taiwan prettiest celebrity. Despite debates on her nude history, I think that Vivian actually worked very hard to build her career... and she had the guts to expand her career in Japan when most Chinese stars were still remaining at their homeland. Brava for that. Vivian is singing better nowadays, hope that she can make better music, star in some great movies and show the critics that she's more than a pretty face and nice body. Vivian Hsu Pictures and Photos Galleries 1

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