Jade Warrior (Jadesoturi) set for premier

“Jade Warrior” or “Jadesoturi,” a China-Finland joint venture movie is set to make its premier on September 8, in Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie is directed by Antti-Jussi Annila, starring Tommi Eronen, Markku Peltola from Finland, Zhang JingChu from China and other cast from both countries.

Jadesoturi is said to be based on a mytiscal story in Finland, “Kalevala” but with some twist.. the kungfu-melodrama story’s timeline will flow in between ancient China and modern Finland, where the hero is seeking his own destiny and find himself being a mytical warrior thousand years ago.

Jade Warrior aka Jadesoturi

The plot sounds like a Jackie Chan’s movie “The Myth” in 2005, which was quite a good film.

It will be interesting how the East and West could blend their technical expertise into making the Jade Warrior a great movie, and hopefully it will be a success hit and I will be glad to see Zhang JingChu making big fame in Hollywood.

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Jade Warrior teaser, thanks to Alyoung for the video..