American Idol contestant Ayla Brown ink CD deal

American Idol contestant Ayla BrownAyla Brown become the latest American Idol 5th season contestant to sign a record deal. [Yahoo]

Known by her fans as Ayla Brownies, the 18-year-old signed a CD recording deal with Double Deal Brand Records, just after her contractual obligation ended with the Fox talent contest.

Brown is starting her recording just after signing her contract, her debut album is titled “Forward” and is scheduled to release on October 17.

Brown will however release her first single, “Know You Better/I Quit” on September 12.

I do remember Ayla, basketball player, daughter of a senator.. not singing particularly well, but has that kind of ‘star’ looking. Not really a suprise to see her inking a record deal though.

Wish her luck though, with so many former Idol contestants recording their albums, it’s already not a selling point for being Idol contestant.