Tom Cruise, you’re fired!

Nah it’s not a scene from Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” series, but Tom Cruise is indeed ‘fired’, by Paramount Pictures.

To make it in more proper words, Viacom Inc. Chairman Sumner Redstone had announced that their movie arm Paramount Pictures will not renew its deal with Tom Cruise’s company, Cruise/Wagner Productions.. to make it worse Redstone openly critized the Cruise’s public antics.

Tom Cruise’s love declaration for Katie Holmes and the school-boy-coach-jumping act at Oprah’s show last year was laughable stock, and his believe in the Scientology is treated as another big joke.

Still, Cruise’s latest production “Mission Impossible 3” has racked in a box office of $400million, quite an achievement but Redstone claimed that the company could have make another $100million to $150million more if it’s not for Cruise’s ‘unacceptable conduct’.

I don’t understand the business sense behind the ending of this 14-year relationship, it’s rather weird for a company to seperate from on of their biggest money making asset just because of his rather weird behavior and believes.

After all Cruise still has a LARGE group of die hard fans, and apparently there are people that think that his coach-jumping was rather romantic.

Well, celebrities with Cruise’s status are not expected to keep quiet for being kick out like that. His partner has already slammed back at Redstone, and Cruise is expected to make his voice heard sooner or later.

This will probably turn into a Hollywood saga, a battle between the production studio and superstar.. better then watching any movies perhaps.


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