Hong Kong singer Gillian ChungHong Kong singer Gillian Chung (from pop duo TWINS) become the victim of hidden camera, with magazine publishing photos of her changing clothes during the TWINS concert in Genting, Malaysia.

The exact situation remains unclear, what’s confirmed is that a hidden pinhole camera was planted in the changing room for TWINS concert in Genting Highland, and Gillian was caught naked without knowing it.

Her TWINS partner Charlene Choi was luckier because she was blocked by Gillian from the hidden camera.

Gillian immediately broke into tears when she saw those published photos, her agency EEG is looking for legal action against the magazine that published the photos, and is coperating with Malaysia authorities to look for the culprit behind the camera.

Numerous Hong Kong artist have also expressed their sympathy and openly condemned the paparazzis and the people involved in this agenda.

Gillian and Charlene are currently filming a movie in China. My best wishes for Gillian, damn those idiots who plan for the hidden camera and all those who publish the photos.

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