Korea actress Jun Ji-hyunKorea popular actress Jun Ji-hyun will be attending a short English course in USA end of the year, in preparation for opportunities to star in Hollywood.

According to her agency iHQ, Jun Ji-hyun has been attending similar English classes for a few times, so there’s no big deal.

Being one of the most famous Asian actress, Jun Ji-hyun has been invited numerous time to star in a Hollywood movie, but she rejected all the invitations so far feeling that she’s not yet ready.

The situation is changing lately, with iHQ rumored to have set up a branch in Los Angeles and will join venture with USA studio to produce a Hollywood movie.. Jun Ji-hyun seems like their best choice to take the leading actress role.

Whether Jun Ji-hyun will star in a Hollywood movie is still uncertain, but she’s likely to star her next movie in a China-Japan-Korea joint production, which maybe starring Kelly Chen from Hong Kong and Ito Misaki from Japan as well.

Well it would be a great deal just to watch these 3 gorgeous ladies in the movie if it can be make into reality.. Jun Ji-hyun, Kelly Chen and Ito Misaki, what a cast!

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