Zhang Ziyi, China, July 2006China actress Zhang Ziyi is under fire in China again. Although being international famous figure, Ziyi always seems to have trouble and critics from fellow China citizens.

This time Ziyi is blamed for mis-used of China public security force (sort of army cum police) when she attended an event back in China last month.

Apparently some 300 ‘police’ were used as bodyguard for the superstar during the event and the press and community are blaming her for wasting public resources.

Well it’s not really Ziyi’s fault, there’s no proof that she asked for that kind of security protection, the organizer or the security force should be the one to be blamed for.

But as always it’s easier for the press to make news pulling Ziyi into the hot water, the press are using her popularity to gain more readershup.. poor Ziyi.

The incident has reached the attention of top ranking officers in state and has prompted a special investigation into the matter.. hope that Ziyi will not be getting into any trouble.

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