China prime entertainment network, the HuaYi Brothers Media Group celebrated their 12th anniversary in Beijing, and was attended by loads of Chinese superstars from China and Hong Kong.

(left to right) Popular Hong Kong artist Andy Lau, China mainland artist Liu Yi Fei, Li Bing Bing and one of the HuaYi founder, Wang Zhong Jun..
Andy Lau, Liu Yi Fei, Li Bing Bing
[image courtesy of sina]

Jackie Chan, Fan Bing BingThere are over 100 of big names in the gala dinner, some of the famous celebrities include international star Jackie Chan, China actress Zhou Xun, Fan Bing Bing and singers YuQuan, Jane Zhang; and from Taiwan Nicholas Wu, Alex Su, Annie Yi etc.

Some of the other big names are film makers like international renowned Yuen Wo-Ping, Feng Xiao Gang, Tsui Hark, Zhang Ji Zhong etc.

HuaYi is one of the earliest media company to establish a complete business plan in developing the China mainland entertainment industry. From the star studded gala annual event itself, they must have been doing pretty well.

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