Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki Profile

Name: Ayumi Hamasaki (Hamasaki Ayumi)
Japanese name: ?? ? (?? ???)
Chinese name: ???
Nickname: Ayu
Birth date: October 2, 1978
Birth place: Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 156cm
Profession: Singer and lyricist

Hobbies: Piano playing, flowers arranging and drawing
Favorite food: Biscuits, cakes, chocolates and kimchee
Favorite actors/actress: Nicolas Cage, Rie Miyazawa
Favorite movies: The Bodyguard, Betty Blue, and Leaving Las Vegas
Favorite singers: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Babyface, En Vogue, and Keiko (Globe)

Ayumi Hamasaki Biography

Ayumi Hamasaki was raised by her mother and grandmother, her father left them when she was 2. Ayumi started modeling when she was 7 to help raised money to support her family.

Ayumi Hamasaki later pursued full time modeling in Tokyo when she was 14. She also starred in a few low budget movies and TV dramas using the pseudonym Kurumi Hamazaki.

Ayumi’s modeling and acting career didn’t kick off because her height doesn’t meet the general trend of a supermodel. Ayu dropped out from high school and spent her days wandering the streets of Tokyo, shopping at Shibuya and dancing at clubs in Roppongi.

Ayumi Hamasaki however was given a chance in singing when she released her first album in December 1995, “Nothing From Nothing.” The rap album failed to hit the charts as there’s no promotion budget, and Ayumi was released by her talent agency back then.

Ayumi Hamasaki was later discovered by Masato Matsuura (better known as Max Matsuura) when she’s singing at a karaoke bar in Velfarre nightclub, owned by Avex Trax Label, the recording company that Max worked for.

Matsuura offered Ayumi a contract, and after some hesitation Ayu agreed to sign with Avex simply because she had nothing else to do that time.

Ayumi Hamasaki had to undergo vocal training in Tokyo but she’s not really interested with the teaching methods and began to skip classes. Matsuura had then decided to send Ayu to New York for vocal training, and that’s when Ayumi began to shape into a talented singer.

It’s also during her stay in New York that Ayumi was encouraged into writing, where she communicated with Matsuura by mail. When Ayu was back to Tokyo, Matsuura suggested her to write her own lyrics, and she did. (Ayu wrote most, if not all of her song lyrics.)

In 1998 Ayumi Hamasaki released her 1st single with Avex, “Poker Face” that debuted #22 on the ORICON chart. Ayumi’s got her first ORICON Top 10 with her 4th single “Depend on you.”

Ayumi Hamasaki finally got her first #1 spot on the ORICON charts with her debut album “A Song for XX,” released on January 1, 1999. During the same year her single “Love ~ Destiny” became the number 1 song for ORICON.

Ayumi Hamasaki never look back, she continue to release best selling singles and albums, winning numerous music awards and break records after records. Ayumi is probably the best selling female artist ever in Japan music history.

Ayumi’s rivalry with another pop diva Utada Hikaru was often the talk of the town, with both singers having similar success in terms of record sales and musical awards.

Other than her music, Ayumi is famous for her fashion sense. Ayu led the Japan fashion trends for years and even has her own brand of boutiques and clothing.

Ayumi released her 39th single in early 2006 and broke the record for most #1 singles in Japan for a solo female artist previously held by Seiko Matsuda.

Why I like Ayumi Hamasaki

I like Ayumi Hamasaki for simply for her music. Her pop style is a bit different from the West; it’s more like trance with the element of pop, vice versa… pretty cool.

I like Ayumi’s dressing taste, she has good clothing sense but I don’t really like her overall appearance. I felt that she has overdone her hair and makeup.

Overall, Ayumi is a great artist and I like her.

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