The Deer and The Cauldron started filming

After the success of “Return of The Condor Heroes,” China producer Zhang Ji Zhong is making another Wuxia TV drama based on legendary Louis Cha’s novel, “The Deer and the Cauldron,” also named as “Duke of Mount Deer.”

The Deer and The Cauldron, main cast

The crews and the casts officially started the filming with a press conference on Thursday (August 10). Most of the main casts including leading actor Huang Xiao Ming were wearing the drama costume to show up in front of the Chinese media.

Popular China actor Huang Xiao Ming is joining hands with Zhang Ji Zhong again after Return of The Condor Heroes. It’s said that Huang take a discounted pay in order to star in The Deer and the Cauldron, as an appreaciation for Zhang who make him a superstar in ROCH.

Duke of Mount Deer, actor Huang Xiao MingThe Deer and The Cauldron producer, Zhang Ji Zhong

Other than introducing the cast, Zhang also make a statement that the crews will make environment protection their priority and filming in some of the most beautiful natural heritage in China.

For those who never read the novel “The Deer and the Cauldron,” it’s a very unique story aside from all other Louis Cha’s writing..

First off there’s no die hard romance like ROCH, the main character Wei Xiao Bao (played by Huang Xiao Meng) will be having 7 wives at the end of the story.

Also despite being a Wuxia novel, Xiao Bao don’t know much martial art.

Xiao Bao is not a ‘real’ hero, not a good role model at all.. he is afraid of everything and will pee in his pants.

The fun part of the story though is it reflects the real life situation nowadays, with different kind of people pushing for wealth and power.. and how a ‘useless’ person like Xiao Bao manage to make to the top being the emperor’s best friend just because he know how to talk and make people happy.

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