Hong Kong artist Andy Lau will act as a drug lord in new movie, “Protege” directed by Derek Yee.

Movie Protege, starring Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen and Zhang JingChu

The movie project made headlines earlier when Derek told the press that she had to persuade actress Zhang JingChu to give up her planning to try drugs herself so that she could get deeper into her role.

Zhang denied the claim during an official press meeting last weekend, but stated that she did meet up with some recovering drug addicts. Derek also said that he had met former drug dealers referred to him by police contacts.

Also starring in the movie are Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Anita Yuen.

The movie is about a drug lord (Andy Lau) grooming his successor (Daniel Wu) to take over his empire. On the other storyline Louis Koo and Zhang JingChu will play in the underworld of drugs addicts, showing the bad of drugs.

Anita Yuen will be playing as Andy’s wife. It’s interesting for the director to get the pregnant Anita in the movie, wonder anything special about the arrangement.

Protégé is expected to release in early 2007.

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