Hong Kong TVB signing Taiwan actor Mike He Jun Xiang

Mike He and Rainie YangHong Kong largest TV production studio TVB is rumored to be signing Taiwan heartthrob Mike He Jun Xiang to star in future Hong Kong Cantonese-series.

TVB is the largest exporter of Hong Kong TV dramas which can be seen across Asia and in Australia, US and Canada.

Seeing that Mike He’s Taiwan TV drama “Devil Beside You” was well received in Hong Kong and other Chinese region, TVB are making a bold move to sign the actor.

TVB are having some problems to find new acting talents lately, with most of their main contracted actors and actress reaching their 30s.

TVB themselves are denying their shortage of young artist, but with the recent growth in mainland China, TVB are not having enough popular stars to penetrate the China market.

Mike He might just be the first, if his Hong Kong venture proved to be successful, we could see more Taiwan actors and actress acting in Cantonese TV drama in the future.


  1. […] Mike He is still focusing on TV appearance, his latest TV drama “Let’s Get Married” has just started showing in Taiwan, and he just signed an acting contract with Hong Kong TVB. […]