Singapore singer Xu Mei Jing suffered mental disorder

Mavis Xu Mei JingSingaporean singer Mavis Xu Mei Jing is diagnosed with mental disorder after her arrestment last month for the chaos she made in Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Mavis Xu was put into custody on June 22 when she harrassed a guest and asked people to call her God. Mavis was in histeria and had to be arrested and put into mental care and dignosis.

The reason for Mavis Xu to create chaos in the hotel was uncertain, but it’s rumored that her relationship with her boyfriend was not getting well and she was in deep stress.

Another version of the story was the guest she yelled at actually approached her, thinking that Mavis is a prostitute, thus created the problem.

No further details about her treatment was released yet, but I wish her all the best and get well soon.

For those who don’t know about Mavis Xu Mei Jing, she was one of Singapore most famous singer some 7-8 years ago, and made her fame across Asia as well.