Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang, Sonria Pasta on air

Cyndi Wang and Nicholas TeoTaiwan idol-drama “Sonria Pasta” (??PASTA) starring singers Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Teo (Zhang Dong Liang) have started showing in Taiwan.

Cindy is Taiwan established female singer while Nicholas is Malaysia singer that are rising in fame in Taiwan. This is the first time this 2 stars are acting in the same TV drama.

Also starring in the mini-series are Gino Xu and Joyce Zhao.

The Sonria Pasta cast are busy promoting the TV drama across Taiwan at the moment, their 1st episode was aired on July 16 and receive good ratings.

Smiling Pasta
(from our left to right: Gino, Joyce, Cyndi, Nicholas)

The storyline of Sonria Pasta actually seems quite similar to Korean superhit “Full House” (starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo).. about love entangles between 4 guys and gals. Nicholas will star as a rising superstar (just as Rain) and had to pretend marrying Cyndi (just like Hye-kyo)..

Gino and Joyce will star as a couple, with Joyce being Nicholas ex-girlfriend. Nicholas still love Joyce, but Joyce deeply in love with Gino, whose real one-sided love is Cyndi instead.

It’s a romance and comedy mixed kinda drama, so there won’t be too serious stuffs and a happy ending can be expected.

It’s nice to see Nicholas doing well with his first Taiwan drama debut. I’m wondering how he is doing with Cyndi instead, rumors have been flying here and there about their relationship.


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