Stephen Chow reveal latest ‘outer-space’ movie project

Stephen Chow and Zhang YuqiHong Kong comedian and award winning director Stephen Chow Sing-Chi has revealed his latest project in making a outer space related movie, titled “Yangtze River #7” (direct Chinese translation from ????).

Chow’s spokeman said that the movie will started filming in Ningbo, China next month, and the production cost is estimated at RMB200million (equivalent to around USD25-35million if not mistaken).

Stephen Chow will star as an astronaut and will encounter an alien, and develope a special fatherly love with the alien. It’s something related to outer space but whatever the movie theme is, it’s going to be unconventional comedy.. we can expect lots of laughter.

Yangtze River #7 is supposed to be the name of the space shuttle that Stephen Chow will be using in the movie.

The leading actress will be new talent, Zhang Yuqi who is playing as a robot that can communicate with the alien. It’s not reveal who will play the alien or will it be 100% CGI tech created character.

It’s said that the movie should be released in summer 2007, and Stephen Chow is planning for his official announcement about the movie later this month in Beijing.