Jackie Chan the foolish drunk in Hong Kong concert

International action superstar Jackie Chan made himself a fool when he got on stage of his good friend Jonathan Lee’s concert, drunk and uninvited.

Jackie Chan drunkJackie Chan at Lee Zong Sheng's concert

It’s Jonathan Lee Zong Sheng (???) concert in Hong Kong on Sunday (July 9), Jackie suddenly appeared on stage at the end of the concert, obviously drunk and chaotic.

When Jackie Chan got on stage, he admitted he just drank with a dozen of Japanese friends.. and started to talk rubbish and using some foul words here and there.

Jackie still had a bit of conciousness and managed sing a song with Lee, and later bowed and apologized for his behavior.. the audience were however not appreaciating his drunken act, booed him and returned his favor with foul words.

Set aside the Jackie’s chaos, it’s quite an interesting concert for Taiwanese Jonathan Lee, who is more famous as a music producer than singer himself.

Lee managed to invite lots of guest singers to light up the show, like Gigi Leung, Richie Ren, Karen Mok and Fish Leong etc.

[image courtesy of Orisun.com]


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