Isabella Leung and Rainie Yang, Tattoo picture gallery

No, Isabella Leung and Rainie Yang are not having tattoos, these 2 young pretty girls are joining hands for their latest movie, “Tattoo” instead.

Tattoo is a Taiwan production, featuring 2 of the fastest rising young Chinese star, Isabella from Macau, and Rainie from Taiwan. Isabella is just 18 and Rainie 22, the story will revolves around the lesbian love between Isabella and Rainie, and they are going to have some kissing scene.

The movie already received mass interest despite just started in making because of the rare controversial homoseksual topic in Asian movies. Countries like China are still banning gay related movies like award winning “Brokeback Mountain” and the more recent Korean blockbuster “The King and The Clown.”

The below pictures were during a press conference last week, introducing the young cast members to the press and media.

Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong

Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong

Spider Lilies cast

Isabella Leong in Spider Lilies

Rainie Yang in Spider Lilies

Spider Lilies press conference

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