Tom Cruise in Trapped In The Closet, South ParkTom Cruise must be an angry man now, his least favorite “South Park” episode, “Trapped In The Closet” was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program in the latest Emmy nomination.

The episode made fun of Tom Cruise’s believes in the Church of Scientology and implied that the MI3 star is a gay. Cruise was said to use his influence to stop the episode to be re-aired, although he denied the rumor, everyone with the right mind would think that he was a liar.

Trapped In The Closet was actually adapted from R Kelly’s multiple version of same titled music video.. and none suprisingly, R Kelly ‘appeared’ in the anime as well.

This is the short edited version of the South Park episode.. set the controversials aside, it’s a funny video.

It’s a long story for the whole episode, to cut it short Stan the kid was somehow crowned as the reincarnation of Scientology’s creator, or prophet. All the Scientology followers flocked to Stan’s house to see their reborned prophet, including Tom Cruise and John Travolta.. then followed by the sequence in the video.

There’s actually some story in between about Scientology, which was edited from this video. The original full version of was pulled off from YouTube as well.

Thanks to cHoRe4n for this South Park video.

UPDATE July 13, 2006 – Less then a week after the Emmy nomination, Comedy Central decided to re-air the Trapped In The Closet episode on July 19.

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