Autumn In My Heart (Endless Love) 2000/2001

Autumn In My Heart, or Endless Love“Autumn In My Heart” was 2000/2001 production by Korea KBS studio, and was arguably the TV drama of the year across Asia with its huge popularity.

The miniseries opened the Asian and worldwide market for South Korean entertainment industry, laying path for the later productions like “Winter Sonata,” “Summer Scent” and other Korean drama to gain viewership and created the ‘Hallyu’ (popular Korean culture) trend in Asia for the past few years.

Starring in the TV drama was Song Seung-heon, Song Hye-gyo, Won Bin and Moon Geun-yoong etc. Director was Yoon Seok-ho.

The story plot of Autumn In My Heart was so unbelievable, yet touching and controversial nonetheless.. (Spoiler alert!)

Autumn In My HeartThe story started with brother and sister Johnny Yun Jun-suh (played by Choi Woo-hyeok) and Jenny Yun Eun-suh (played by Mun Geun-yeong) in their teenage years, enjoying the happy and simple life.

Everything was however changed when Eun-suh had a minor accident and was found out that she’s not the biological sister of Jun-suh. Apparently the hospital made some mistake switching her with another baby 14 years ago. The wealthy Yun family found back their biological daughter, Shin-ae (Han Chae-yeong) while Eun-suh had to seperate with her ‘family’ and moved back with her biological mother instead.

Song Hye-kyo, Sung Seong-hun and Won BinIt’s sad for Eun-suh to be seperated from Jun-suh and her ‘parents’, and the Yun family flew to USA to start another life. Years gone by, both Eun-suh (now Song Hye-gyo) and Jun-suh (now Sung Seung-heon) had grown up.

Eun-suh was working in a hotel while Jun-suh returned to Korea as an artist. At work, Eun-suh faced a troublesome rich and handsome hunk, Andrew Han Tae-seok (Won Bin) who always made fun of her, and actually falling in love for her instead. Eun-suh was fired because of Tae-seok, but both of them became friends rather than enemies.

Ironically, Tae-seok was Jun-suh best friend.. and one day she brought Eun-suh to meet Jun-suh, and the ‘brother and sister’ met again after all those years.

Autumn In My HeartAfter the reunion, Eun-suh and Jun-suh found themselves having feeling for each other, and falling in love with each other, entangling in a love triangle involving Tae-seok as well.

To make thing worse, Jun-suh’s biological sister Shin-ae was in love with Tae-seok and hated Eun-suh for stealing love from both her brother and Tae-seok. Shin-ae did everything she could to spoil the relationship between Eun-suh and Jun-suh.

Yun parents were strongly against the distorted love as well because Jun-suh was already engaged to an elegant and caring Yumi.

The worst had yet to come.. as Jun-suh was being undecided between Eun-suh and Yumi, Eun-suh found herself having leukimia (blood cancer) and was in terminal stage. Knowing that she won’t be able to be with Jun-suh together for the rest of her life, Eun-suh decided to quit the love entangle.

Autumn In My HeartBoth Tae-seok and Yumi knew about Eun-suh illness, while Tae-seok doing all his best looking for a cure, Jun-suh who knew nothing about the situation decided to move back to USA with Yumi.. Yumi however felt awkward for that and told Jun-suh the truth.

Jun-suh and Eun-suh finally got together, but as Eun-suh’s leukimia continued draining her life.. it’s destined to be a sad autumn..

Autumn In My Heart is also commonly known as “Endless Love,” sometimes it’s regarded as “Autumn Fairy Tale,” “Autumn Tale” and “Autumn Love Story” as well.

Song Hye-gyo, Won Bin, Sung Seung-hyun and Moon Geon-yoong were burst into starhood and still remain popular actor and actress years after.

Other than the outstanding cast performances, the TV drama also produce a successful module with nifty screening, lovely melody and beautiful sceneries that captured the drama lovers’ heart.

Most of the Korean TV fans should have watch Autumn In My Heart. If you haven’t watch it yet, it’s recommendable.. remember to prepare a few boxes of tissues to wipe of your tears if you have shallow eyes.

Song Hye-kyo, Sung Seong-hun and Won Bin


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