Taiwan actress Shu Qi arrested in Korea?!!

Shu QiTaiwan actress Shu Qi was said to be arrested in Korea by immigration officers and sent home because of failure to get a working permit during filming movie “Seoul Raiders” in Korea in 2005.

Shu Qi was filming for movie “My Wife Is a Gangster 3” when the arrestment was made and was back to Hong Kong shortly after, leading to the rumor and speculation.

According to Shu Qi’s manager.. the case is not as serious as the news reported, and Shu Qi was just invited into the immigration office to be questioned about the working permit issue.

It’s also said that Shu Qi was back to Hong Kong for personal matters, as common day off as agreed in the filming contract.

Shu Qi is already back in Korea to continue her filming, and the work permit issue should no longer be a problem.