Nicole Kidman birthday with paparazzi

Nicole Kidman greeting paparazzi at Sdyney homeNicole Kidman and Keith Urban are rumored to be getting married this weekend, and the paparazzi are starting to camp outside of Nicole’s Sdyney house to grab the latest news and development.

It happens to be Nicole’s birthday and the paparazzi did something fun, singing Happy Birthday through the intercom and offering her flowers.

Nicole was sporting enough to open the gate to receive the flowers and thanks the paparazzi while having a few chats as well. She revealed that she is celebrating her birthday with mum but refused to say anything about her wedding or pregnancy rumors.

Nicole and Keith also repay the paparazzi’s favour with gift of cold beers later in the afternoon, how often do we see this kind of interaction between the stars and the paparazzi? lol that’s cute..

Despite keeping their wedding secret, the paparazzi still managed to tip Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel as the most likely venue for the celebrity couple.