Korea Samsung AnyStyle commercial ads video

Mini series of Samsung Anycall Style mobile phones commercial ads, featuring Korea stars like Hwang Jung-min, Lee Hyori, Shinhwa’s Eric, Kwon Sang-woo and teen model Oori.

The advertisement are probably not the highest quality, but I like the way it was produced. Somemore featuring a few of the popular Korean stars, and some really cool handphones.

There will be 6 video clips, each around 30 seconds.

Story started with Huang Jung-min’s diamond ring stolen in a dinner and he went into investigation.. while Hyori, Eric and SangWoo were all suspicious of stealing the diamond.

Jung-min first suspected Eric (from popular boyband Shinhwa)..

Popular actor Kwon Sang-woo..

Finally Korean dance-pop queen Hyolee..

The real situation however happened like this.. together with Oori (teenage model), all 3 of Eric, SangWoo and Hyori were involved in stealing the diamond..

Here is another version for the final conclusion of the AnyStyle mobile phone commercial ads..

Thanks for everyone who uploaded the videos.