Hong Kong stars Angela Tong, Fiona Sit and Gigi Leung were invited to a celebrity cooking show and the 3 ladies made some horrific dishes for the host and guest.

Fiona Sit chopping duck in cooking showGigi Leung chopping duck in cooking show

The theme for the show was duck cooking, only Angela managed to make a decent dish, while Gigi and Fiona could only produced some duck dishes that were half cooked.

Fiona was the worst, her duck was not even cooked and still raw from inside out, host Edmond Leung had to vomit after eating her duck.

Guest star Eric Tsang also heavily critized Fiona’s cooking but she received the critics with open heart and said that she will cook again if given the chance.

Hmm seems like not many beauties can cook nowadays.

[images courtesy of orisun.com and mingpaonews.com]

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