Kim Tae-heeKorea popular actress Kim Tae-hee is planning to sue defamators that started the rumor that she was married to a Korean billionaire.

The rumor started a while ago on the web and continue spreading until the situation that Kim Tae-hee was deeply disturbed and hurt by the rumor. Fact is, Kim doesn’t even personally know the man that she was rumored married with.

The star agency of Kim Tae-hee thus decided to do something to stop this kind of defamation from ever happening again, and looking for a legal suit against those who started the flame against Kim.

Kim Tae-hee is currently one of Korea most famous actress and widely popular across Asia as well. She only rise to stardom in the last 2 years with popular Korean dramas like “Staircase To Heaven” and “Love In Havard.”

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