Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn baby Shiloh Nouvel’s photo are already being posted on internet. Problem is “People” magazine had just bidded for the exclusive rights for Shiloh’s first exposure in US for $4.1 million.

At the beginning, people are speculating that the photos might be fake, but with People magazine and UK’s Hello magazine both going to court for legal action against those websites that posted the photos.. the photos are most likely true.

It’s said that the photos are leaked from Hello magazine, which have the overseas rights for Shiloh’s exclusive photos. (I wonder how much they pay..)

The baby was born on May 27 in a hospital in the African nation of Namibia, with the help of the Namibian government the celebrity couple managed to prevent the paparazzi attempts to capture the photos of the baby.

And just a while ago Pitt and Jolie decided to sell Shiloh’s exclusive photos for charity causes thru Getty Images, and People magazine is the highest bidder for a reported $4.1 million.

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