HK-pop duo Twins promote album in Taiwan

Hong Kong girls-group Twins were in Taiwan last weekend promoting for their latest album “Travel Around the World with 80 Dollars.” Hmm funny album title, hope their mandarin improve this time.

Twins in TaiwanTwins in Taiwan

Twins are Hong Kong most popular girls-group for years, formed by the 2 girls Charlene and Gillian. Although often critized for their singing ability, the Twins remain popular with the charm of the duo and some pretty good music.

In 2005 the Twins released their first Mandarin album in Taiwan despite couldn’t speak Mandarin that well. Although both are Chinese region, Hong Kong people speak Cantonese and Taiwanese speak Mandarin.

Anyhow last year venture was a success for Twins, and they are back again in Taiwan this year with their latest album.