The Lake House (2006) and Il Mare (2000)

The Lake House, Keanu Reeves and Sandra bullockMovie “The Lake House” that reunite the “Speed” stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock will hit US cinema on June 16, 2006. It’s a romance movie that is adapted from Korean 2000 production “Il Mare.”

The original Il Mare, also known as “Siworae” is an alternative romance that starred Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun. It involves a bit of sci-fi where 2 individuals can communicate through a mailbox while being 2 years apart from each other.

Set aside the logical thinking, Il Mare is quite a good movie btw. I watched the trailer of Hollywood version The Lake House and it looks promising as well.

Ok here goes the storyline of the original Il Mare or Siworae, not sure how much it will be adapted in The Lake House. WARNING, possible spoiler..

It’s near to year 2000, Eun-joo (Jun Ji-hyun) moved out of her lake house (Il Mare) to start a new life, and she left a welcome card in the mailbox for future houseowner.

Shortly she got a reply in the mailbox from Sung-hyun (Lee Jung-jae) claiming that it’s ridiculous for welcoming him because he built the lake house and he is the first owner of the house.

Seeing it as a joke, Eun-joo sent her reply and 2 of them started their communication and started a weird relationship.

Shun-hyun claimed that he was in year 1998 while Eun-joo claimed that it’s year 2000.. both of them didn’t believe it at the beginning but after some events and testing, they knew that it’s a wonder and they were indeed communicating with each other from 2 years apart.

So the friendship started to build up and a special kind of relationship was developed.. and Shun-hyun decided to meet Eun-joo in 2000. So they set a date.

Just before the date however, Shun-hyun asked Eun-joo if there’s any regrets she had that he could ammend for her. Eun-joo told Shun-hyun that she wished that she didn’t broke up with her ex-boyfriend.. and Shun-hyun hesitated whether to help Eun-joo as he already deeply in love with her..

It’s the date, Eun-joo is supposed to meet Shun-hyun.. she didn’t got back to her ex so she thought that Shun-hyun decided not to help instead. But she waits and she waits.. Shun-hyun didn’t show up for their date..

Ok I’ll end the story without spoilling the ending. In the Korean Il Mare there were actually 2 endings to the story, not sure which one will the English Lake House be adapting though.

Il Mare, Siworae, Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun


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