Giordano commercial ad, starring Korean trio

This is a Korean short movie cum commercial ad for casual fashion brand, Giordano. Actor Jeong Woo-sung and actress Jeon Ji-hyun are familiar face in Giordano CM, and this time another famous actor Jang Dong-gun is in the video as well.

The video is entirely in Korean, but it’s quite artistic and a pleasure watching it even if the language is not understandable.

The video tried to show an entangled love relationship between 3 friends, part of the video had to be edited in Korea before airing to the public because it’s said to be culture misleading, wtf.

The video is a bit long, around 10 minutes. If you find it loading too slow, you can try this.. click the play button, and then click the pause button when the video started loading. Then you can do something else and wait for the video to be fully buffered before started playing it, so you will have an uninterrupted viewing.