Won BinKorean actor Won Bin will be discharge from military service due to his sustain knee injury, much earlier than expected.

South Korean young male adults are compulsory to partake in military training service, other than under special circumtances. Being a huge celebrity didn’t give Won Bin any excemption, just like many other Korean superstar.

Won Bin however injured his knee and had to underwent a surgery for a dead ligament in April. The discharge review committee from South Korean military officials has decided that Won Bin injury is serious enough to be omitted from further military service.

So Won Bin will be discharge on June 7 (some news says June 10), he was a November 2005 intake.

His fans must be so happy about the news perhaps.. but Won Bin spokesmen has revealed that he will not be back to entertainment arena, not soon.

In fact Won Bin had previously revealed that he is honored to serve the country and will fully committed during his military service. He must be disappointed himself for being discharge earlier than expected.

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