“Underworld” director Len Wiseman is in talks with producer Arnold Rifkin to make the 4th sequel of the “Die Hard” franchise.

All previous 3 sequels of Die Hard was a worldwide box office success and made actor Bruce Willis into international superstar.

The last of the 3 sequels was already 10 years ago (1995) and the producer are looking for a young director to inject new life into the franchise, and Len Wiseman seems to fit the bill.

Wisemen made his first movie, Underworld, in 2003.. starring his wife Kate Beckinsale. The movie was quite popular back then and he make the sequel of the movie, “Underworld: Evolution” which was released in January 2006. Again it was starred by Beckinsale and was a huge box office success.

Not much details are revealed on the “Die Hard 4” yet.. but it’s said that the movie hero, John McClane character comes out of retirement to battle an Internet terrorist organization.

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