Jolin Tsai and Stephanie SunAfter last year success of comic adapted movie “Initial D,” a Hong Kong movie production studio is planning for another adapted version of the popular Japanese comic..

This time however, they are planning to remake the Initial D movie with 2 female lead character instead of the hunks in original comic. Already rumored to take the car racer roles are Taiwan pop queen Jolin Tsai and Singaporean diva Stephanie Sun.

If the rumor is true, the movie will be the big screen debut for both of the Asian superstar singer. Both Jolin and Stephanie however are not camera shy as they already involved in numerous music video production.

Inital D the comic and anime is one of the most popular comic in Japan and Asia for recent years, with storyline revolving a group of young guys with passion in car racing.

Last year its adapted Chinese movie that debuted pop singer Jay Chou made a huge box office across Asia, and won Jay numerous best newcomer award.

Ironically, Jay Chou was previously in relationship with Jolin Tsai.. so if Jolin does take part in the female Initial D.. it will be an interesting news for the Asian tabloids.

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