Donnie Yen in the remake of Seven Samurai

Donnie YenHong Kong action director and actor Donnie Yen is set to take part in the Hollywood remake of Japanese classic “The Seven Samurai.”

Donnie Yen met Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein during the Cannes Film Festival and discussed his involvement in the remake of the 1954 action film directed by Japanese master Akira Kurosawa.

seven-samurai.jpgThe Magnificent SevenThe Seven Samurai is a story of seven Samurai heroes that fought with a horde of bandits that threatened the peace and safety of a small village. The story was adapted in 1960 cowboy popular movie, “The Magnificent Seven.”

The 7 heroes stories are always speculated for another remake in recent years, but it was Weinstein who is making the bold move.

Weinstein is said to got the nod from Oscar winner George Clooney and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (and now Ronnie Yen) to take part in the movie. Some of the big names are rumored to be interested with the project as well.

The details of the movie are not release yet, and what role Donnie Yen will be playing are still unknown.. he could be the action director and not acting in it at all.

Anyhow.. it should be a cool movie project, and I’m glad Donnie Yen is taking part, he is good. Hope to hear more from the movie soon.