According to Japan Oricon Style research and survey, Matsushima Nanako is still the highest paid actress in Japan TV industry.

It’s rare in Japan that an actress can still remain popular after getting married and giving birth, Matsushima Nanako is one of the very few success cases.

According to report, Matsushima Nanako is currently paid 4 million yen (around USD35,000) per episod of tv series. Just behind Nanako at the list of highest paid actress are Yukie Nakama and Ryoko Shinohara.

Many regarded Nanako’s elegance, fashion and makeup sense are making her an idol among Japanese ladies. In fact according to a survey, Nanako tops the list of most desired makeup according to Japanese ladies. Ito Misaki and Ryoko Shinohara came 2nd and 3rd in the survey.

Another Japan magazine also released the highest earning actress in 2005. This time actress and model Ito Misaki is #1 instead, thanks to the huge popularity of TV drama Densha Otoko.

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