Kwon BoA renewed contract with SM Entertainment

Kwon BoAAsia teenage superstar Kwon BoA has renewed her contracts with her Korean agency, SM Entertainment until 2012.

Not only that BoA received a lucrative contract, she is also officially one of SM Entertainment’s minor shareholder with 100,000 shares (worth around USD1million).

Kwon BoA, the 19-year-old Korean pop-singer is one of Korea’s biggest export in Japan, and one of SM Entertainment biggest star.

The share price of SM Entertainment rose by 11.54% after the news of BoA extending her contract was released, showing how influential BoA is.

Kwon BoA is currently attending the 59th Cannes Film Festival, she play the voice of Heather for Korean version of anime movie “Over The Hedge.” The original character is voiced by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne.

Looks like a good chance for BoA to make her mark on international screen as well.


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