Jackie Chan and Jet LiJackie Chan and Jet Li, the 2 Hollywood Chinese action superstar is going to star in a same movie schedule to start filming next year.

The project is currently named as J&J Project, the movie details are set to release in the running Cannes Festival. The the filming should start as soon as Jackie Chan finished his filming in “Rush Hour 3.”

Jackie Chan and Jet Li originally planned for a collaboration back in 2002 but was postphoned or cancelled for tight schedule on both side. The idea of 2 of them making a movie was suggested again some 3 months ago, and this time hopefully, the movie will become a reality.

It’s reported that Jet Li has decided to withdraw himself from all other movie invitations to join hands with Jackie Chan in their movie project.

I am wondering if another Hollywood Chinese star, Chow Yun Fat will be taking part in the movie as well.. that will be so fun lol.

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