Jerry Yan buying booksTaiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan Cheng Xu is serious in learning his English, he is taking English lesson and practising English speaking.

And lately Jerry was seen buying some hundred USD worth of English reference books in a Taipei bookstore.

As one of the best looking actor in Taiwan, Jerry Yan is often offered opportunity to advance his career in the West or Hollywood. Problem is.. Jerry’s English sux, and he missed a lot of chances because of this.

Jerry’s poor English was shown a few weeks ago when his boyband group F4 was interviewed by CNN, he could only smile and let the translator do their job.

Chinese artist is getting more popular nowadays in Hollywood, from the early days of Jackie Chan and Chow Yu Fat, to the recent Maggie Q in MI3, and soon Edison Chan in The Grudge 2.

The recent trend however is that the Hollywood want some Asian face that can really speak well in English, and Jerry Yan definitely have a lot of catchup to do.

Well at least Jerry is trying, good luck to him.

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