Chinese rock star Dou Wei make China headline when he vandalized a press office, assaulted an editor and burnt a car. He is currently under police custody for various offences.

China rock star Dou Wei burn carChina rock star Dou Wei arrested

We thought the craziest things happen in Hollywood, but China is catching up.

Dou Wei, the normally low-profile but influential singer is x-husband of superstar Faye Wong. Recently he was unhappy with the reports of a Beijing news about his life, according to Dou those ‘news’ are all fake and demafing.

Dou Wei also critized Faye’s current husband, Li Ya-Peng for not taking good care of his (Dou) daughter. He also critized the whole music industry and the whole China press.

After the car burning incident, there’s actually some people that sympatized on him, according to a Chinese poll, 56% of people think that Dou Wei should be given a 2nd chance.

I have different thinking, for me.. if you think that’s demafation involved, sue them.. and even if life doesn’t goes the way you wanted, you don’t assault people nor burnt their cars.

As it’s a crime case with clear eyewitness, Dou Wei is almost certain to face lawsuit and at stake for a 7 years of jail term. He could always plead for insanity, perhaps the judge will trust him.

Whatever it is, it will be the fading point of a stupid rock star, Dou Wei.

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