Supermodel Lin Zhi Ling starring in John Woo’s Red Cliff

Lin Zhi-Ling starring Red Cliff by John WooTaiwan #1 supermodel Lin Zhi-Ling is set to make her movie debut with John Woo’s “Red Cliff,” starring alongside actors Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.

Director John Woo and the would be actress Zhi Ling jointly announced the news yesterday in Taiwan about ZhiLing’s involvement in the epic war movie.

The movie will start filming early next year, and is based on the historic novel “The Romance of Three Kingdom.”

Red Cliff is set on an epic battle during the fall of Han Dynasty, commander Chao Chao (not sure who is playing the role) was dominating the north and was set to conquer the whole country and ruled as a new dynasty.

The only region to stand a chance against the mighty Chao was ruled by Sun Quan, and his commander Zhou Yu (Chow Yun Fat). They were joined forces with the exile Liu Bei, with his commander Kong Meng (Tony Leung).

Against all odds, the masterful of Zhou Yu and Kong Meng saw them winning one of the most famous battle in Chinese ancient history.. followed by the betrayal of Liu Bei towards Sun Quan, thus shaping the war between the 3 kingdom of Chao, Sun and Liu.

That’s The Romance of Three Kingdom.

Lin Zhi Ling will star as an epic beauty and Chow Yun Fat’s wife. How important her role is going to be still remains as mystery, as from the original novel it’s all about politics and battles.. women rarely comes into scene.

Directer John Woo however mentioned that Lin Zhi Ling will be needing to ride some horses, and that could be a challenge for the supermodel who was injured for months last year when she fell from a horse.. but Zhi Ling said that she’s ready for the challenge.

As one of the most anticipated Chinese movie next year, we will hear more from Red Cliff about the cast and planning. It will be interesting to see who is playing other important roles as Chao Chao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei and their famous generals.


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