Lee Joon-kiKorean star Lee Joon-ki arrived in Taiwan for his 2 days promotion of Korea record breaking movie, “The King and The Clown.”

The King and The Clown is a 2005 movie that holds the box office record in Korea. It’s said to reach 12 million cinema audiences and a gross receipts of $85 million.

The King and The ClownThe King and The Clown or “The King’s Man” in original Korean title is a story is sort of a Brokeback Mountain like movie, where the king fell in love with his clowns. So it’s a gay movie, and Koreans love it.

Lee Joon-ki played the instrumental role of the female-ish character, and his popularity swept across Asia from Korea.

Lee Joon-kiLee Joon-ki’s arrival in Taiwan was greeted by hundreds of fans, and people are willing to purchase the movie premiere ticket for a few hundred bucks from the black market.

Look like another Korean star is making his mark in international entertainment screen.

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