Jay Chou suprisingly out of Golden Melody nomination

Jay Chou album, November's ChopinTaiwanese singer Jay Chou is suprisingly left out of the list of nominees for the 2006 17th Golden Melody Award, Taiwan most prestigious music award.

Pop star David Tao and country singer Hu De-Fu lead the nominations with 6 each, while Cheer Chen leading the ladies with 5 nominations.

This year Golden Melody nominations obviously favored those talent singers cum song writers. David Tao, Hu De-Fu and Cheer Chen wrote their own songs.

Other talented star like Wu-Bai, Penny Tai and Tanya Chai also was nominated for multiple awards.

It’s however a suprise to many that Jay Chou was not nominated at all, he had won multiple awards at the Golden Melody since his debut 6 years ago.

It came as a suprise to me too.. it’s fair enough to say that Jay Chou is not at his best with his recent album, “November’s Chopin.” But his music is still setting a high standard that should not be ignored like that.

Looks like this will be another controversial year for Golden Melody Award.