The Myth (??) is a 2005 Chinese movie directed by Stanley Tong, starring Hong Kong Hollywood star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Kim Hee-seon.

The Myth 2005, Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-seon

The movie also includes a strong supporting cast of Tony Leung Ka Fai, Mallika Sherawat, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Yu Rong Guang, Choi Min-soo, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Ken Wong Hap Hei, Sun Zhou, Shao Bing, Jin Song and Ken Lo.

The Myth is a story about past and present, you probably need a bit of early understanding of reincarnation and Chinese history to fully enjoy the movie.

The story started with Qin Dynasty, some thousands years ago in China. General Meng Yi (Jackie Chan) is assigned to escort princess Ok-soo (Kim Hee-seon) from Korea, the would be concumbine of Emperor Chin. Apparently some Korean warriors were not happy about the arrangement and wanted to get back the princess.. thus led to a battle that ended with Meng Yi and Ok-soo falling down from a cliff..

Oolah.. apparently all the above plots were just a dream of 21st century archaeologist Jack Lee (Jackie Chan as well). Jack had been having similar dreams for the past few months.

Jack’s buddy William (Tony Leung Ka Fai) had invited Jack to join hands in a science project, which involve studying some ancient myth and legend that human can fly.. Jack although reluctant decided to help William for their friendship.

So they broke into an ancient Indian temple to recover the mystery, and Jack recovered an ancient sword, and saw a picture of an ancient beauty, that looks like princess Ok-soo in her dream. For the first time his dream has cross-over with reality.. and just when Jack was figuring what the heck was happening, they were noticed by the guards.

The story continues with lots of cross over memories of past and present, and with the help of Samantha (Mallika Sherawat) and her philosophic uncle.. Jack began to believe that Ok-soo might not just be a dream, and general Meng Yi could very well be his past life in Chin Dynasty.

As Jack studied more into the mystery, he realized Meng Yi and Ok-soo had romance developed between them when Meng Yi saved princess Ok-soo from the rebellious Koreans. But with Meng Yi’s loyalty to emperor Chin, their love was never fruitful. Meng Yi in the end had to battle with his life to protect the emperor as well as Ok-soo..

With his memories of the past and the help of William, Jack discovered a place where he could probably solved the puzzle. But unsuspectedly, Jack’s enemy is awaiting behind him, waiting for revenge..

I actually thought that The Myth is a good movie, at least it’s something new from Jackie Chan and Hong Kong movie productions.

Some of my friends find this movie very confusing.. which I believe is due to the crossing between past and reality. It’s true that understanding this movie is not easy, especially for non-Chinese (this movie is targetting Chinese audience obviously).

Standard Jackie Chan action, although the ancient battles provide some little glimpse of new fighting from Jackie. Kim Hee-seon who played the princess actually doesn’t have much role, but absolutely gorgeous.

And btw the near ending is kinda suprising.. I am not that kind of people that reveal spoiler, I’ll let anyone who want to watch the movie to figure it out.

To conclude, The Myth is not the best ever Jackie Chan movie, but I think it’s better than his standard Hollywood gimmick like Rush Hours etc. Definitely one of the better Hong Kong production in the past 2 years.

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