Taiwanese actress Shu Qi

Shu Qi Profile

Name: Shu Qi (Hsu Chi, Xu-Kei, Shuqi, Qi Shu, Fanny Hsu)
Chinese name: ??
Birth name: Ling Li-Hui ???
Birth date: April 16, 1976
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 168cm
Profession: Actress

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Shu Qi Biography

Shu Qi started her entertainment career in rather controversial manner, she posed nude for magazines and booklets at age of 18.

Shu Qi’s effort somehow paid off as her sexy image was a huge success and her earlier nude magazines are still one of the most sought after collection in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Shu Qi potential was noticed by Hong Kong filmmaker Manfred Wong, who gave her the chance to star in her debut movie, “Sex and Zen 2” in 1996.

It was in the same year that Shu Qi starred in award winning director, Derek Yee’s SX-rated movie, “Viva Erotica” alongside the now deceased Leslie Cheung. Shu Qi’s performance in the movie successfully attracted people’s attention to her acting talent other than her hottie appearance.

Viva Erotica swept the 1997 Honk Kong Film Awards with 8 nominations, 2 with Shu Qi for Best New Performer and Best Supporting Actress… Shu Qi won both of the awards.

Shu Qi could have made it to international stardom in 2000, when she’s actually the first choice as leading actress for Lee Ang’s acclaimed movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” but she couldn’t fit into the filming schedule. Zhang Ziyi took her role then and rises to international star hood.

Shu Qi starred in more than 40 movies, including her first English film, “The Transporter” in 2002 that gained her international popularity.

In November 2005, Shu Qi won the prestigious 42nd Golden Horse Best Actress Award in Taiwan for her acting in “Three Times.”

Other than her great acting career, Shu Qi was also noticeable for her on and off relationship rumors with Hong Kong pop-singer/actor Leon Lai. The relationship (or perhaps just rumors) was ended in 2006 when Leon officially introduced his current girlfriend to the public.

Shu Qi is also famous for her Taiwanese slang when speaking Cantonese, which somehow become surprisingly popular in Hong Kong.

Why I like Shu Qi

My feeling for Shu Qi is rather weird, I can’t describe her beauty, and sometimes I think that she’s not pretty at all… but that’s always something special about Shu Qi that mesmerized not only men, but women all around the world.

I like Shu Qi for the fact that she has to work extra hard to achieve what she have today because of the way she started her career. Most of Shu Qi fans nowadays already forgot about how she started the career, but in love with her acting and genuine beauty.

It’s strange but as I grow older, I begin to like more and more about Shu Qi, perhaps that’s really something unique about this lovely Taiwan actress.

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