People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful PeopleAngelina Jolie is People Magazine’s pick as the best of their 100 Most Beautiful People list. Pregnant Jolie with her boyfriend Brad Pitt and their 2 adopted children are also named World’s Most Beautiful Family.

Angelina Jolie is said to make the top of the list with her humanitarian work with United Nations, and off course to a great extend her beauty. It’s afterall a list of most beautiful people.

People magazine expanded their 2006 beautiful list to 100 from 50 in previous years, they are just so many beautiful people in the world ain’t so?

As expected most of the beautiful people are stars and celebrities from western entertainment world.. actors, actresses, singers and supermodels.

Making the list this year includes Nicole Kidman, Zhang Ziyi, Avril Lavigne, Naveen Andrews, Ryan Seacrest, James Blunt, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson..

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