Al Pacino joining Ocean’s 13

Ocean 13Hollywood actor Al Pacino is joining the Ocean’s 13 gang alongside the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia.

It’s said that Al Pacino will be playing Willie Banks, the owner of a high-profile casino and hotel in Las Vegas. No further details are released.

The Ocean’s franchise had been a great box office success with the 2 previous sequel of Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12, it will be interesting to see another superstar actor in the strong casting.

With the absence of Julia Roberts and Catharine Zeta Jones, the franchise are welcoming their new leading lady, Ellen Barkin. Well female roles are not an important part in this actors-dominated movie anyway.

Director Steven Soderbergh plans to start filming in July and aims to release the movie in June 2007. Filming is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.