Tom Cruise, Rome, MI3Tom Cruise started his European tour in Rome on Monday for the premiere of his latest movie, “Mission Impossible 3.”

The press surrounded him for question on Suri, his new-borned baby daughter with Katie Holmes. Cruise seemed happy to share his joy with the media and fans.

Cruise had planned to skip the later premiere show in Europe including London and Paris, so that he could fly back to US and spend time with Katie and Suri.

Lucky for the fans, Katie Holmes persuaded him to continue his European tour.. now that’s the material of a great wife, brava Holmes.

Tom Cruise charmed his English fans the next day, spending 4 hours with them during the UK premiere of MI3 at Odeon Leicester Square.

Tom Cruise spent time chatting with fans, signing autographs, talking on the fans’ mobile phone with their friends and relatives (that’s cooool) and he even gave a with a kiss on the cheek to a birthday girl.

Happy Birthday, Dorothy MiltonWell congrats to the birthday girl, Miss Dorothy Milton who is celebrating her 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Madame.

MI3 is scheduled to hit worldwide cinemas in May. Other than Cruise, movie director JJ Abrams who created popular tv hits “Lost” and “Alias” will also be a great selling point.

That’s perhaps another thrill for Asian movie lovers, with Asian supermodel Maggie Q in the movie.

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