Michelle Rodriguez, Ana Lucia Cortez in LostActress Michelle Rodriguez, star of popular tv series “Lost” was sentenced to a 5 day jail in Hawaii after she was found guilty of drunken driving.

It’s suprising though, that Rodriguez chose to get a jail term instead of 240 hours of community service offered by the judge.

The star who play Ana Lucia Cortez in Lost, was caught last December on suspicion of driving under the influence. Rodriguez co-star in Lost, Cynthia Watros (Libby in Lost) was also caught just a few minutes in seperation for suspected drunken driving.

Watros pleaded guilty and was fined and had a driving license suspended for 90 days, Rodrigues meanwhile chose to go to court (big mistake lady).

Well trouble is not ended for Michelle Rodriguez yet, she’s still under a 3 year probation term from hit-and-run and drunken driving in Los Angeles in 2004. The LA authorities are said to be studying into the case and who knows what could happen..

Lesson.. don’t drink and drive.

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